Suffolk Remoaner News


The Staylinists of the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance have had a couple of meetings at Seckford Hall and though they have clearly lost they are all looking forward to another day out in London on the 23rd of March where they shall piut on their blue and yellow war paint and badges of teenage angst with words like ‘bollocks’ and ‘fuck’ on them to demand another referendum. It’s strange how us Be-Leavers don’t feel the need to be aggressive or abusive, but then, victory is ours isn’t it?

So they are having another march to stop That Most Beautiful Thing five days before That Most Beautiful Thing occurs. Most of them have gone queit. Maybe the warm weather we are having has caused a few to dry out and not be so wet, but it is more likely that they have worked out that for them victory is unobtainable. But a small remanant of the most vocal minority remains determined to have democracy usurped. I must say that their insistance on continuing to fight their lost caurse is most admirable.

pig-trough-eyOf course not all Stayinists are honourable including that herd called the Parliamentary Independant Group. That new parliamentary group with the accurate acronym and as that acronym suggests would like to keep their snouts in the EU Trough.. People like Chuckup Ummana (P.I.G), Hiedi Allen (P.I.G), and That Most Odious of Lib Dems, Anna Sourbry (P.I.G), are not honourable. Now obviously not all Staylinists have left the two main parties and they will be providing the P.I.G herd with information in an attempt to get Democracy usurped. But it is to late for the P.I.G herd to be able to stop That Most Beautiful Thing Called Brexit.

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