Stowmarket Be-Leavers Meeting

Last night was the Stowmarket Be-Leavers Meeting and it was brilliant. There was lot’s of things discussed concerning actions we are taking to ensure that the Mother of Democracy does not cease to be a democracy. I won’t go into specific details because I know that Staylinists who read this blog would like to know. But there was a very good video of one of us debating with East Suffolk Lib Dem Suffolk EU Alliance Chair Jules EUwort in all of her interlectually insepid vacuity.


Stowmarket Be-Leavers Meeting

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2 Responses to Stowmarket Be-Leavers Meeting

  1. Nigel Hiley says:

    I am sorry to burst your bubble but, in my opinion, the Mother of Democracy ceased to be a Democracy many years ago. I describe it nowadays as an Elected Dictatorship where one party which can gain as little as a third of the popular vote can win a majority in Parliament and govern unhindered for five years. During that time, it can pass whatever laws it wishes and curtail any freedoms it wishes and the two thirds of the electorate that did not vote for it can do absolutely nothing. It became even worse in 2017 when Theresa May lost her majority in Parliament and bribed the DUP to support her with the help of a one billion pound bribe. So a party which gained only 0.9 per cent of the popular is keeping the Conservative Party in power and influencing their policies. If this situation were to occur between the Labour Party and the Scottish National Party then the national media would be braying about the Scottish tail waving the dog but as it’s the DUP and the Conservatives, no-one says anything.

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