In Defence of John Bercow

Obviously I am annoyed by our democracy being trashed but the speaker, John Bercow was absolutely right to stop Angela Merkel’s Theresa May’s deal being put to parliament again. What Bercow has done is in line with the constitution of the house. To do otherwise would be trashing the institution of parliament. I understand that a lot of Conservatives disagree, but since when has trashing historical institutions been a tenet of Conservativism? Never! As a Conservative I believe in moderate reform to conserve existing institutions in line with the Tamworth Manifesto of Sir Robert Peel.

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1 Response to In Defence of John Bercow

  1. Graham Dines says:

    Bercow is an annoying little s… But, I can see no democratic or logical argument to find that, in this instance, he is not absolutely right to have made the ruling he did. The executive cannot ride roughshod over the legislative branch However, on Monday, the PM’s negotiated deal returns to the Commons and the EU will expect MPs to vote on it. Dare he rule it out of order? . If he did, then that really would be a major constitutional crisis which can only be solved be holding a General Election

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