Ipswich Amnesty International Talk on the Death Penalty

Olivia Foster gave a very interesting talk on which countries still use the death penalty and methods used: beheading, lethal injection, shooting and hanging are all used. She gave statistics; some of the worst countries are Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Egypt, Japan and Bangladesh. Many juveniles are sentenced in Iran particularly. There is a campaign focused on south east Asia. In America some states still sentence people to death, but others do not. China is very bad, but they do not release any figures, so it isn’t possible to know the numbers. In Singapore the families affected can have a say in the sentence. In Europe Belarus is the only country still retaining the death penalty.  Reprieve is working on trying to get the lethal injection drugs banned. Some of these amount to torture as they take a long time to kill someone. Statistics prove that the death penalty does not act as a deterrent. There is going to be a day of action on October 10.

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  1. Mr A Price says:

    Hi Kevin
    Thanks for the share….
    Amnesty alex

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