Suffolk Remoaner News


The East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance are claiming that what has been described as the biggest Waitrose queue ever  was not around a million but was in fact closer to 2 million.

The Most Vocal Minority


Here Helen Field reveals that despite calling for a ‘people’s vote’, the corporate elite backing the leading anti-Brexit campaign are about as far away from ‘the people’ as you can get
Information from Companies House reveals a rich elite that includes Tory, Lib Dem and Labour politicians, company directors, and chairmen of global corporations, are giving huge support to the so-called People’s Vote campaign to hold a second EU referendum in the hope of stopping Brexit.

The People’s Vote website has at the bottom of each page its registered address: Open Britain, 21-24 Millbank Tower, Millbank, London, SW1P 4QR.

Open Britain Ltd started life in June 2015 as the Interim Campaign (company number 9641190) registered under the sole name of Laura Jane Sandys, a Conservative Party politician who served as the Member of Parliament for South Thanet between 2010 and 2015.

It has been mentioned on this blog that Staylinists believe themselves to be the cultured artistic ones and the below picture shows how artistic they are.


Now Jack Kerouac
Never showed such ugliness
Brexit’s Beautiful

They live in a dreamworld consisting of a parallel universe where Europe is all love and roses where everyone goes around holding hands and everybody is happy with no sickness or distress. Of course deep down they must know that their world view is bollocks. Meanwhile over in la Ville Lumière


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