The Tantrum Of The Entitled vs The Walk Through A Storm

Writer Goes Roaming

What are Remoaners like, eh?

Just what do they think they look like?

They have obviously created an echo chamber in which the opinions of anyone other than themselves don’t reach them – or they might stop to consider just how disgusting their continued hysteria looks to all those outside their safe-space.

While those supporting Democracy and Freedom walk the length of England in howling wind and rain, at cost to themselves, often having traveled thousands of miles to make clear that our establishment is trying to crush the will of the people, Remoaners are planning another jolly day out in London, funded by George Soros, in which a gaggle of gurning middle-class housewives, geriatric hippies, and assorted fascists who demand that Democracy is destroyed because the majority dared to disagree with them, throw a tantrum.

And on the Tyne, where entire communities have been decimated, fishermen protesting against their…

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