Suffolk Be-Leaver News


Tonight was an excellent Suffolk Be-Leavers meeting in Stowmarket. It was joyous to be with people from Hasketon, Melton, Bardwell, Ixworth, Bury Saint Edmund’s, Great Finborough, Stowmarket and Ipswich who speak for the people of Suffolk when it comes to views on Brexit.

Here’s a photo of some of us.

Obviously we had a great deal to discuss. We also have a lot of things planned for the 29th of this month. We shall be going down to London but we shall not bother with the war paint and badges of teenage angst with words like ‘bollocks’ and ‘fuck’ on them. You see, though the Staylinists believe themselves to be the classy ones, they have no class or decorum. It shall be a far cry from Saturday when a bunch of boring prannys walked around London in funny hats to get attention and continued to be ignored. We have other things planned for the 29th within the county of Suffolk. I’m sure that the Staylinists who read this blog would be interested to know what they are and they will find out.

The vile Ian Blackford said that the Prime Minister is threatening the country with no deal. She’s not threatening us, she’s giving us hope. We also agree with Kate Hoey when she says that it’s not no deal, it’s a different type of deal.

Of course the deal the EU have offered would do. As most of us are Conservatives we are pragmatists rather than ideologues like the fanatical EU supporters are.

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  1. Graham Dines says:

    If MPs vote against a confirmatory referendum, as proposed by Dame Margaret Beckett, and we are really on course to leave, then Norway Plus would be my preference. The Guardian is reporting tonight that Corbyn may whip Labour MPs to back it

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