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Can’t beat Spoilt Ballot Papers

As always the Lib Dems are being wicked, shameful, exaggerating stirrers as their campaign handbook teaches them to be.  So there’s lots of disingenuity and down right nastiness being deployed in their campaigning. Naturally part of it is disingenuous graphs to make the electoral make up appear different than it actually is.

Scavenging Vulture

A while ago on the now defunct Ipswich Spy Blog, one of

A Typical Lib Dem Group Meeting

their authors called Nikki said that the Lib Dems were the vultures of British Politics. She got a lot of rap for breaking the facade of impartiality over there but what she said was true. The Lib Dems Vulterine nature isn’t observed much in parliament due to their irrelevance there. But we occasionally observe their scavenging nature as they awkwardly flutter about pecking at Brexit, looking for morsels to exaggerate about, claiming to represent 48% of people instead of a minority of the middle class .


The Lib Dems show their vulterine nature more at a local level and exaggerate about their accomplishments.

For instance, in Ipswich, the Lib Dems are an irrelevance. Politically in Ipswich they have to flutter around looking for scraps. They only have two councillors at the borough but the way they talk sometimes, you’d think they had major influence on borough council policy.  A council meeting is the only place you’ll see a Ipswich Lib Dem outside Saint Margeret’s Ward. They couldn’t care less about the rest of Ipswich to the point that when it comes to the town as a whole, Ipswich people would get more from somebody who lives on Mars rather than a Lib Dem. This is because outside Saint Margeret’s nobody votes for them. So they have to make do with pecking around for the few votes they can get in Saint Margeret’s  and that is what they do. Though voting for them in Saint Margeret’s is pointless because their influence is zero.

Another way the Lib Dems vulterine nature is revealed is the way they are disgustingly attacking Woodbridge Town Council. In this they are showing themselves to be the dirty scavengers they are. They are attacking good, honest people who want what is best for their community, who are sacrificing their free time for no gain to themselves. It is shocking how low the Lib Dems are willing to go. But Vultures are cumbersome, clumsy creatures who could never soar like eagles. As it is with the Lib Dems. They wouldn’t try such duplicitous, uncalled for, nasty tactics at parliamentary level or even at district council or borough council level because they would likely end up getting snared. They could never have enough influence to fly that high anyway. So they have to make do with pecking at a glorified parish council.


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