Caroline Page Lib Dem Incarnate

The Lib Dem County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has been rather proliferantly electioneering against the Tories on Facebook. either that, or she is somewhat confused.

First of all, she said this,

What is in a name? Quite a lot it seems. Our local Conservatives – who can manage to find THREE Town Councillor candidates for both of the picturesque Riverside and Seckford wards – didn’t bother to field *a single person* to represent Kyson. This means the sitting LibDem, Green and Labour councillors remain in place unchallenged – and there’s even an empty seat! Call that democracy? I ask the Conservatives: “Don’t you find the residents on the edge of town worth representing?” They, like me, know perfectly well that you don’t HAVE to live in the ward you represent. Several councillors don’t, including a recent Mayor. So what don’t the Conservatives like about Kyson?

The Conservatives did not have enough candidates to field candidates in all wards. If I’d known this at the time , I would have rectified the situation by standing in Kyson myself.  Though I’d rather be more established in the community to have a better understanding of the issues before standing. As the Conservatives lost the by election  in Kyson by four votes and there was no Lib Dem candidate, it was certainly somewhere where Conservatives wanted a candidate. Initially there was not going to be a by election  last year in Kyson as was agreed by Woodbridge Town Council but furious that a Tory was going to take the seat unopposed, Caroline Page insisted on Woodbridge Town council spending money on an unneeded by election. Then the Lib Dems didn’t put up a candidate. Why didn’t the Yellow Peril put up a candidate in the by election? What is it they don’t like about Kyson? Don’t the Lib Dems  find the residents on the edge of town worth representing? I’ve done a number of deliveries in Kyson as have others We have seen no Lib Dems there. The Lib Dems appear to be concentrating there campaign in Seckford.

Caroline Page’s status which is clearly party political, coupled wiith her next FB post demonstrate the duplicitous nature of the Lib Dems.

Better together? Sharing a stall in the Thoroughfare emphasises the benefits of collaborative working at Town Council level. Do you want people who are willing to put party political differences aside to work for the benefit of ALL the town – not just the picturesque parts? #Woodbridge #LibDems #Greens#Labour

The response from Conservative candidate, Chris Mapey was brilliant. He said,

I must have missed an invitation to attend, as I’m a great believer in maximising efficiency especially working for Woodbridge Town Council, should I be elected.

I’d be delighted to come down and join you for the next one if I can arrange staff cover – please let me know when and where.

Ipswich Road’s Woodbridge’s most senior Lib Dem was clearly rattled by this. Her reply was rather rambling. It was,

Invitation, Chris? these three parties are already *in* the next town council! (And they have worked collaboratively together in the last town council). I cant speak for the other two parties but sadly, the last time the LibDems publicly mentioned community working, a LibDem councillor got a public earful for including the unrecognisable back of the head of a Conservative Town Councillor in the accompanying photo (!). If you get elected, I am sure these three parties would be happy that you wish to work collaboratively for the good of the town!

No doubt, what she means is that those three parties  with the stall are all left wing and dislike Tories, therefore no Tories were invited to the event because the Lib Dems, Labour and the Green’s are collaborating together against the Conservative Party. The Lib Dems  and the Greens collaborated to stir up trouble at Woodbridge Town Council, disingenuously putting it across that Woodbridge Town council was somehow corrupt. The sleight, underhand, uncalled for attack on the town council had Caroline Page at the forefront of it, making the town clerk to do hundreds of hours unpaid work, obtaining information that was of no interest to the public. Caroline Page enjoys being a wicked, shameful, exaggerating stirrer as the Lib Dem campaign handbook tells Lib Dems to be. She is Lib Dem incarnate.


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