Loading Restrictions in Church Street, Woodbridge


Concerning the repainting of the Double Yellow Lines in Woodbridge, Caroline Page the County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has written a blog post here.

She says,

Enforceable road markings are being refreshed across Suffolk in advance of CPE (Civil Parking Enforcement) – the transfer of the enforcement of on road parking from the police to the district councils.


* However CPE cannot take place until every TRO (traffic regulation order) in Suffolk has been made watertight and enforceable. Thus it is essential that all regulatory road markings are made visible and correct. Which is why many hitherto invisible markings are now made visible.  When all is in place the transfer of CPE to the new East Suffolk District Council will take place.

Then she says this,

* The yellow lines in Woodbridge are not new, they replace existing ones for existing TROs

This is inaccurate because the No Loading Lines along Church Street were not there before and they are the issue. For them to go in there has to be a Traffic Restriction Order (TRO)

In discussion with Conservative District Council candidate, Chris Mapey on Facebook, it appears that Caroline Page is trying to fob off the responsibility to the district council. But the decision to activate a TRO is a County Council one. The questions that remain unanswered are where was the consultation? and what was the County Councillor for  Woodbridge doing during it?

No Loading restrictions in a business district like Church Street are not good for the overall good of the town considering people can have two hours free parking at Martlesham Heath which has no loading restrictions.

Where was the consultation and why wasn’t the decision to have loading restrictions in Church Street challenged?

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