Sam Murray – A Local Resident Standing up for her Neighbour

Priory Heath has a couple of candidates who live in the ward. Naturally the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem candidate lives in Saint Margeret’s Ward where they all live and as Ipswich Labour like putting their candidates up as far away from where they live as possible so they don’t start empathising with the locals, their candidate lives in Saint John’s. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have local candidate Sam Murray who is running Labour ragged to the point where she has received some very nasty online abuse. She’s getting the kind of abuse it took me six years to start getting. Ipswich Labour have also tried to intimidate her by canvassing in her road and finding out everybody is going to vote for her. With the Green candidate also being local and conducting a local campaign, Labour are being attacked from both the left and the right. 

Sam Murray is a prime example of what a local councillor should be. Someone that works hard for the ward. Canvassing in Priory Heath is an absolute pleasure for Conservatives at the moment with lot’s of good, positive responses all ending with “Of course I’ll vote for Sam.” Those that haven’t heard of her and always vote labour and we’re taking about three people because she is so well known in the ward, are considering voting Green this time instead.

Sam is a small business owner, and works part time. She has two young children who attend Ravenswood Primary School.

Sam and her family support local community projects such as the Bulb planting on Queensway Park, tree planting with the Ravenswood Wildlife Group and arranging local litter picks. Sam also helped to organise the Gainsborough Community Fun Day.

She has successfully campaigned and got installed a local Defibrillator, lobbied Councillors and the MP to support those in social housing on Fen Bight Circle which is resulting in new heating systems. She has also helped people affected by the reduction of bus services.

Sam has a strong work ethic and is determined to be a voice for those in her community who feel they don’t have one.

Sam’s priorities for the ward in her own words are:


Everyone should feel safe in their home and community. This will be my number one priority. I will work closely with the safer neighbourhood team, the council and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore to make Priory Heath a safer place to live.


It is important to give back and work together for a better neighbourhood. I am the secretary of the Gainsborough Community People’s Forum and a member of both the Ravenswood Residents Association and Friends of Landseer Park. I will work hard to support more community groups and to make Priory Heath better.


We cannot thrive if we feel like our voices aren’t being heard. I will continue to be the voice for our community ensuring we are not forgotten. I have already been doing this by lobbying the council and campaigning on issues in the ward. I have had a number of wins already, so imagine how many wins we will have when I am your Councillor.

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