Ipswich Labour Continue to bring the office of Mayor into disrepute

Ipswich Labour have a contempt for the office of mayor. Last year people were asking “Who the hell is Jane Riley?” the year before they were asking “Who the hell is Sarah Barber?” now this year the question is “Who the hell is Jan Parry?” Jan Parry is the next mayor of Ipswich and until last year when she became the Holywells councillor for Labour, nobody had ever heard of her.

Obviously at the Annual Labour Love In Ipswich Borough Council AGM, John Cook will be waxing lyrical about how her musical talents lead her to inspire the likes of J.S Bach and Mozart. He will probably also mention how she was against the execution of French prisoners after the battle of Agincourt.  As always, the amount of squit from members of Ipswich Labour shall be immense.

But seriously, what has Jan Parry done? Has she been a councillor in her ward for 17 years? Is she a member of the Friends of Holywells Park? Did she support Emmaus when they were going to take over a former pub in the ward? Has she done lot’s of charity work over the years? Did she get bollards installed on the Rivers Estate to stop parking on grass verges?  Did she get the grass cut along Clapgate Lane? Has she got two defibrillators installed? Did she help set up the boxing club in York Road? Did she speak up for Ravenswood residents because their own ward councillors are useless? Was she the leader of Ipswich Borough Council during a very difficult time for the town? No! But there is a councillor in Holywells all that can be said about. Liz Harsant.

The one councillor who is most worthy to be mayor of Ipswich is Liz Harsant. But Labour not only have brought the office of mayor into disrepute, but this year they are using it to spite a hard working, respected, Conservative councillor.  It is a nasty snubbing, it is disreputable, uncalled for, spiteful and it stinks.

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1 Response to Ipswich Labour Continue to bring the office of Mayor into disrepute

  1. Julie says:

    Why would they do that? They’re such nasty, horrible people.

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