The EU Election campaigns

Campaigning for the elections is in full swing with the Labour party sending leaflets written in Welsh to the Highlands of Scotland and sending leaflets  for South Yorkshire to people in the East Midlands. This is because the Labour Party of today have no geographical knowledge beyond the perimeter of the M25 to the point where they’d probably send leaflets in Hebridean Gael to Saint Albans.

The Yellow Peril are putting out Leaflets proudly announcing that they want democracy destroyed and for Britain to be a vassal of the New Holy Roman Empire, divided into regions where the peasants vote for groups of people to go to Brussels and be powerless to do anything, to give the illusion that the New Holy Roman Empire is democratic.

The Green’s are claiming that only they are strong enough to run roughshod over the people.

The Conservative Party campaign is somewhat haphazard due to the party being divided between many of us activists who are on strike and many in the party not adhering to the views of de facto prime minister, Olly Robins’ and not wanting these elections to be taking place.

Locally the Liberal Democrats Suffolk EU Alliance have having rallies with their stupid brexitometer in Halesworth, Woodbridge and Ipswich. In Woodbridge they were briefly heckled by East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger.


The Europhiles not doing very well

In Ipswich it was very interesting because the Lib Dems  had sojourned from ye Grande Duchy of Lockingtonshire and found themselves outnumbered at least four to one by the Brexit Party. Naturally, as East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger had obtained intelligence that both extremes were going to be there, he was there  briefly too East Anglia’s Premier Political blogger wanted to take some picture’s but a couple of the Brexit Party set did not want their pictures taken due to them being renegade Tories not wanting to be kicked out of the only party that can deliver IMG_20190518_122516.jpgBrexit. It was odd that they didn’t want their photo’s taken while they were wearing their trendy Brexit Party tee-shirts giving out leaflets, posters and various bits of tacky paraphernalia, because a prominent Ipswich Conservative had already seen them and told them they were informing CCHQ. They believed they may have been joking but as they tried to get somebody kicked out of the Ipswich ‘Conservative Association for campaigning to Leave, we can ascertain that they were not joking. They asked if I wanted a poster to which I incredulously responded “You know where my true loyalties lie.” To which one of the renegade Tories responded “My support shall return to them on Friday.” How nice of them to plan to return like Sir Lancelot for the battle to stop Sarah Adams becoming leader of the County Council doing crazy things like Labour and the Lib Dems did last time they had control, like putting up council tax by 18%. This after they battle  against the only party in Suffolk capable of stopping such a catastrophe.

During the day Brexit Party posters started going up all over Ipswich. This has alarmed the Ipswich Staylinist left who have responded by inventing a story that the Brexit Party has paid people vast sums of money to put them up. It’s hilarious. Ipswich voted 58% Leave and Ipswich’s erstwhile MP has openly campaigned and voted against leaving the EU. What the hell were the democracy hating, Staylinist left expecting to happen?

The Brexit Party campaign in Suffolk is slick and very well organised. The only thing they are likely to achieve is allow the knee jerk reactionary party to gain traction to put Staylinist Labour in control of the County Council next year.  As the renegade Tory I spoke to intends to return to supporting the Conservative Party on Friday, I am coming off strike on Wednesday evening and would encourage my fellow strikers to do the same. I am not prepared to know that the Brexit Party are canvassing Stowmarket and knocking up the town on Thursday, putting Conservative County Councillor Gary Green’s seat at risk next year and do nothing.

Vote Conservative.

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