NO2 Levels in Melton, Suffolk

On the 11th of June ahead of Clean Air Day on 20th June, East Suffolk Council officers were joined by Councillor Rachel Smith-Lyte outside Melton Primary School to raise awareness around air quality and the importance of switching car engines off when parked to help reduce air pollution. This is part of East Suffolk Council’s anti idling campaign which you can read about here.

The NO2 levels around Wilford Bridge Road are dangerously high. The stop Idling Campaign would not reduce them significantly. The NO2 level is caused by the fact that From the Woods Lane Roundabout, through Melton, there is a set of lights, the lights outside Melton school, a couple of junctions, a level crossing and another roundabout. All this slows traffic down and due to how modern engines are made, they are inefficiently using fuel, and increasing NO2 pollution.

It is presumed that most of the traffic going through Melton is going to and from Rendlesham. The fact that the village of Eyke, where traffic has to slow down again, also has an air pollution issue indicates this. Nevertheless, a thorough traffic survey needs to be done to ascertain where traffic in Melton is coming from and where it is going.

If it is ascertained that the majority of traffic is going to Rendlesham, then a new road should be built from the A12 up Wickham way to Rendlesham. This would have the added bonus of cutting out Hell Fire Corner in Campsea.

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