Rory the Fake Tory

It is absolutely incredible that according to Conservative Home, Rory the Fake Tory is the second choice amongst Conservative Party members. Some say he has momentum behind him. Some say it’s because Momentum believe he’s their best chance of them getting a Marxist government.

Now I am being unfair calling him a fake Tory because he is in fact a Tory of the One Nation Tradition. But unfortunately, like a lot of people who identify themselves as One Nation Conservatives, he has an insatiable love for that nation destroying, poverty creating, anti democratic, imperialist, economically damaging political entity based in Brussels. He is also a great political thinker. This is good because Westminister is short of great political thinkers these days. The problem is, what Rory Stewart thinks is unintelligible to the rest of us. If you want to know how strange some of his thoughts are, I recommend following him on Twitter. It won’t take long before it is ascertained how much of a space cadet he is.

His campaign seems to be primarily based on walking around London. This is not surprising. When he was Floods Minister and his constiuency got hit be Storm Desmond, the Pooley Bridge was destroyed. So Rory, Dave and a couple of other ministers decided to visit the village of Pooley Bridge via the bridge that was no longer there. I would have known to go through Tirrel and I’m a Suffolk boy. How come the local MP didn’t know? Imagine if parts of Melton got flooded and the Wilford Bridge collapsed and Therese Coffey tried to get to Melton by going through Bromeswell. Of course she’s far to sensible to make that kind of mistake. Hence she is backing Boris.

Who is backing Rory Stewart is also interesting. Prominent supporters are Ken Clarke, Theresa-nous May-hem Jo Swinson and a number of Labour MP’s. In his latest tweet, he is celebrating the fact that the Guardian is speaking favourably about him. Who knows maybe the Morning Star will be backing him soon as well.

To sum up. Rory Stewart is Theresa-nous May-hem MK2.

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1 Response to Rory the Fake Tory

  1. Lamia says:

    “His campaign seems to be primarily based on walking around London.”

    Thanks for noting this. It is quite tiresome and insulting the way the ‘national’ (London) media have tried to portray Stewart’s jaunts within the metropolitan bubble as some sort of national pulse-taking. One of his tweets to the public said, “See you in Poplar in 10 minutes”.

    Interesting site. Like you and millions of others, I live in a part of the country (in my case the East Midlands) routinely ignored by politicians and the media, so I think I know how you feel. I wish you all the best with your blogging about Ipswich.

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