The Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune is run by a small section of the middle class for that small section of the middle class. They are the kind of well to do people who hate Tories, love diversity while living in a monocultural bubble, are obsessed with the nonsense that is anthropogenic global warming, like to indulge in national flagellation, see racism everywhere except where it actually is, believe they love the poor while loving the the EU as it creates poverty and believe in free speech until someone disagrees with them. Hence, they love the Prat of Penrith, Rory the non Tory and last nights debate was a complete farce.

Emily Maitlis’ brief was to destroy Boris, make the Prat of Penrith look like anything like the space cadet he is` and make the Conservative Party look like a bunch of baffoons. She kept to her brief impeccably but failed to achieve its desired outcome.

The questioners were picked to represent the views of the BBC and the questions were picked based on the BBC’s obsessions. Obviously the Bolshevik Broadcasting Commune did some research before deciding who was going to ask the questions and hence they decided to pick Abdullah from Bristol.

So the BBC believe that the opinions of a sexist anti semite Corbynite are worth hearing. Like that section the BBC is run by and for, the BBC is incredibly smug. They smugly put it across that they care for the poor and vulnerable while wanting to force pensioners to pay the state imposed poll tax people have to pay to listen to their vile bourgeois left propaganda.

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