Calling out Ipswich Labour’s campaign lies (1)

Ipswich Conservatives

This is the first article of a series about the announcements that Labour make every spring, a few weeks before the local elections, in the hope that voters forget about it soon afterwards. We will not let these falsehoods be forgotten any longer!
This year gives us a good example in that they alleged that there was a Conservative policy to charge householders further for brown bins – we already all pay through our council tax. Not only was there no evidence to support this assertion but it soon exploded in the Labour group’s faces when their disposal contractor (Anglian Water) decided that food waste couldn’t be processed any more for the same price, but the council tax element for this was unchanged.

So householders will now pay the same for less recycling, which is effectively an extra charge being introduced just after they falsely accused the Conservatives of it.

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