The Ridiculous Carter Warburg Planning Application

The application in all its asininity can be seen here.

The application is ridiculous because, first of all the infrastructure in Melton is presently inefficient for further development with the local school already at full capacity and local doctors surgeries also close to full capacity. The local sewage works is also close to full capacity and Melton also already suffers from traffic congestion.

Another issue concerning this application is the proposed access to the site from Saint Andrews Place. Saint Andrew’s Place and Station Road are not suitable for construction traffic. Furthermore, construction traffic would follow Prat Nav which would take construction traffic through The Street, Melton and into Station Road, before turning into Saint Andrew’s Place. Due to parked cars enroute, chaos would ensue.

Also, from Waterhead Lane, views of the AONB and the River Deben would be impacted by the proposed development and the Melton Neighbourhood plan states,

POLICY MEL3: VIEWS FROM FOOTPATHS, CYCLEPATHS AND PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY Development proposals will be expected to be designed so that they do not have a significant adverse impact on short distance views (up to 500m) of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and, in particular, the River Deben, from any footpath, cyclepath or public right of way.

Then there is the fact thay the proposed development is on a natural flood plain and the new houses would be in an area of flood risk. The type of flora growing on the site with the likes of Heracleum mantegazzianum growing there, indicates that the water table is high at the elevation the proposed development would be. Obviously construction on the site would rise the water table further. We have obtained maps from the environment agency that say the land is already at risk of flooding. So building there would be utter madness.

Also, there is a need for affordable housing in the Melton area and the development does not supply that need.

Melton Parish Council are discussing the application tommorrow evening.

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