In Defence of Me

I don’t know how the Ipswich Tories are reacting to my exposé on the dysfunctional nature of the Ipswich Conservative Association here but they can’t be surprised by it. Ipswich Labour are probably saying “Good for him. They had it coming.” But I’d just like to share some reactions by Ipswich Labour to the two times they stabbed me in the back.

The first time Alasdair Ross tweeted this.

Alasdair Ross ‏@AlasdairRoss 7h

@StokeParkCllr some woud say the the only treachery was the way you all treated @KevinTAlgar , get him to deliver for you then dump him

Councillor Alasdair Ross (Labour)

I also understand that Alexander spoke of his disgust to other members of the Labour Party

Then after the second stab in the back, at a full council meeting, Councillor Phil Smart said this

“We want more people who take pride in their local community and are willing to act to make it better and Mr Algar is a shinning example .

Councillor Philip Smart (Labour)

You don’t earn that level of respect from members of opposition parties by being a bag of straw.

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