The EU Treats it’s Citizens like Dirt

What are the rights of EU Citizenship? EU citizenship gives the EU the right to treat people like shit. Ask the Greeks, they’ll tell you. Italians will tell you it too as would the yellow vests being beaten in Paris in Macron’s tyrannical crackdown supported by the EU, who hypocritically rebuke China. EU citizenship gives the EU the right to say that Ireland will have to build a border in the event of no deal and screw over Irish farmers by making a trade deal with South Africa after little Leo has been doing what they tell him to do.

Today there was some fake news published by fake news outlet, the Independent. Now called independent because anything it publishes is independent of the truth. It claimed that EU citizens won’t be allowed to stay here in the event of a No Deal Brexit. Foaming at the mouth, nationalist lunatic, Guy Vorhoffstwat has taken to Twitter about it claiming it’s true which got a couple of replies from myself,

I’m so furious at the EU trying to frighten it’s citizens who are our friends and neighbours, I need a bit more than 280 characters. Hence, this blog post.

EU nationals living in Britain are perfectly safe here. Their right to live here will be intact after we leave the feudal dictatorship. They will continue to live, work and be involved in the community here after we have obtained our freedom. They will be allowed to go to visit their families and come back and continue to live here as before. It is the EU that is saying otherwise. But then as we know how the EU treats its citizens, who knows?

EU culture is not European. In European culture, the people have the right to be treated with respect and not be downtrodden or used as cannon fodder in an ideological war. Our forebears didn’t go to the extreme of beheading kings to be bossed around or threatened by political failures driven by a culturally alien, federalist ideology.

The exclusive, snobbish, patronising attitude of the EU elite is the kind of attitude that would lead to exactly what the EU claims it was created to avoid. You can only push people so far.

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