Candidate Selection

Have you heard the one about the bloke in Eastern Europe who broke into the town hall and found next year’s election results like we got a list of who the candidates are in certain wards the Tories in Ipswich are putting up before the selection process has started? We were informed about this list which the inner clique agreed on in a secret meeting last night, to predetermine selection before interviewing in accordance with what was decided by the person who is organising the selection process. Obviously the interviewing will take place to give the sleight, underhand approach to candidate selection a facade of legitimacy.

The candidates that have been selected for their target wards are excellent candidates. Though clearly there are members high up in the dysfunctional Ipswich association who do not like this kind of stitch up. Hence, East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger has been informed.

We can reveal before any selection interviews have taken place that Lee Reynolds is the candidate for Bixley, Murray Brunning is the candidate for Holywells and Phillip Mutton is the candidate for Stoke Park.

Whatever presentation anyone gives at the selection meeting is pointless. As a matter of fact, as the selections have already been predetermined, interviewees are likely to be brow beaten and bullied by certain members of the inner clique so that they themselves think that their presentation wasn’t up to scratch.

This is the way candidates are selected by Ipswich Conservatives. This is why, last year, CCHQ got involved. But they never learn, so this year, it’s a case of same shit, different day.

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