Ipswich Labour at War!

The factions of Ipswich Labour are at war with the Momentalists calling for what they call ideological purity. Which is in fact, everybody else agreeing with their dozy opinions. The war is being fought on Twitter. I can’t tell you what barmy Bolshevik Blogger, Comrade Coates is saying because he’s blocked me, so I can’t see the full scale war. I believe others in Ipswich Labour have blocked me for the same reason.

For the sensible faction of Ipswich Labour, the charge is being lead by the author of the dRoss Blog and I must say, Alasdair is putting up a a most valiant fight.

Today he tweeted this,

As a Tory, I think he’d be better joining us than fighting us but the rest of the tweet is full of hard truth. It is also very interesting that Corbyn and his deranged followers keep calling for a general election when they haven’t even selected their candidates yet. Then a member of Corby Labour retweeted it with a comment,

This sums up the beliefs and attitudes of the people in control of the Labour Party. Living in France during Robespierre’s reign of terror sounds better than living under them.

I’m surprised that none of the loons have accused Alasdair of supporting austerity with that tweet.

Today Alasdair has hit the extreme leftwith this,

All factions in Vauxhall wanted it. The Labour Party is made up of factions and at present the factions are at war with each other.

Labour are unfit to govern.

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