People’s Parliament?

Whenever the phrase ‘the people’s’ is used it is referring to the Most Vocal Minority. For instance, the People’s Republic of China. ‘The people’ there being that most vocal minority who are in the Chinese government. Another example is the People’s Assembly for National Bankruptcy Against Austerity. ‘The people’ there being the Most Vocal Minority who vehemently hate Tories and believe in a magic money tree. Jeremy of Islington kept coming out with the phrase for a while talking of ‘the people’s QE.’ ‘The people’ there being the most vocal minority who have the financial resources to ride the economic chaos created by a Labour government.’ Then there is, the People’s Vote. ‘The people’ there being that section of society who can’t except a referendum result. Now there is the People’s Parliament. ‘The people’ there being a small bunch of self serving, smug elitists who do very nicely out of our country being subjugated by the New Holy Roman Empire and would destroy our democracy to keep their cash cow going. ‘The people’ are always merely the Most Vocal Minority.

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