Sam Gyimah Joins the Yellow Peril

Lib Dem, Sam Gyimah has joined the Lib Dems.

Sam Gyimah was elected by 35,310 Conservatives. He wanted to lead the Conservative party 12 weeks ago but Conservative Party members wanted a Conservative leader instead of a Lib Dem one. Now he’s a Lib Dem MP. Just 6,197 people were dozy enough to vote Lib Dem in his East Surrey Constituency. He’s not going to be the East Surrey MP for himself, much longer despite the assertions of the East Surrey Yellow Peril.

Sam is one of the greatest politicians by the standards of the vulterine Lib Dems. The Lib Dems are never going to produce a Wilberforce, or a Disraeli, or a Churchill, or a Thatcher, or a Boris Johnson and there is no contender for a future Lib Dem PM because the British people do not vote for anti democratic, elitist liars. East Surrey Conservative Association is truly blessed to be rid him.

Brexit is good for the Conservative Party. We’re losing all the people who joined it because they know hardly anyone is dozy enough to vote Lib Dem.

Here’s a summary of Sam’s first speech as a Lib Dem

I don’t think the Conservative Party is Conservative so I’m joining the Lib Dems . I’m a “moderate” so I now back the most extreme Remain-at-all-costs party. I hate “division” so my new slogan is ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ and I want to ignore 17.4m voters.

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1 Response to Sam Gyimah Joins the Yellow Peril

  1. Jack R says:

    Mr Gyimah has a very confused guy, typical of the illiberal non-democrats. For the last year he has been callig for a “people’s vote”. Last week, he begged “remoaner” parties to stand aside to he could stand in a general election on his own, and they obviously refused. So now he has scrapped both of those ideas and joined the party which think it speaks for everyone, and actually exists in an echo chamber of its own creation.

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