Alexander’s Not Great

Today Ipswich MP for Labour, Sandy Martin spoke at the climate protest on the Corn Hill. Being such an unconstructed socialist, Alexander loves a nice rally to speak at, so naturally he was looking forward to it but it didn’t quite go the way he wanted it to go.

We have been informed that while speaking to a bunch of watermelons, he mentioned that he supports the Ipswich Northern Bypass. Oh dear. As you may have guessed, it went down like a lead balloon. So Sandy stood there addressing the crowd as they heckled and barracked him.

Sandy Martin is so green, he was very enthusiastic about house prices crashing and people’s lives being made a misery in South West Ipswich by wind turbines. He is so green he actually cycled from Ipswich to Haverhill and back to attend meetings. Yet with such green credentials, he addressed the crowd and completely fouled up.

Alexander is not great.

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