Ipswich Labour’s motion to Labour Party Conference

Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger has been perusing their motion to their parties conference. It is a motion of archaic dogma that is both risible and contemptible. In a tediously, dogmatic way, laced with meaningless rhetoric, basically it says “Bugger the people of Ipswich.”

Here it is.

What does Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger have to say about this?

The vast majority of Labour members and voters oppose Brexit? So they have noticed that people in Gainsborough, Gipping and Sprites who voted to leave the EU are not voting for them anymore?

They can’t go into a general election without a clear Brexit policy? Well they’ve changed their policy on Brexit so many times since the last election it doesn’t really matter and whatever their policy is, nobody is going to believe them anymore.

Years of negotiation and neoliberal trade deals? Any form of Brexit threatens jobs, common workers rights, common migrants, the NHS, public services and the environment and make it harder to deliver a radical manifesto? Well going back to the 1970s is not my idea of radical. Oh yes talk about jobs workers rights and all that lot. Typical socialist rhetoric that actually means nothing.

Brexit is part of a right-wing nationalist exploitation of global economic and social crisis? So 58% of the population of Ipswich are right wing are they? When I first read that I didn’t know whether to laugh or rant. Such risible, contemptuous vitriol towards the people of Ipswich. What the hell is nationalist exploitation of global economic and social crisis? This is just 1970s socialist dogma that sounds utterly ridiculous in the 21st century.

Challenge the narratives of the far right? Of the reasons people voted leave? They will attack poverty insecurity and equality and rebuild communities with public investment and ownership? How can they attack poverty and insecurity by nationalising everything? Do they actually realise that nationalising industries is illegal by European Union law?

The leave vote is 3 years old and what was meant by leave was never clear? Then as now leave meant go away from, depart from, go from, withdraw from, retire from, depart, withdraw, exit. They say that what leave means wasn’t clear? They come out with this and have the audacity to claim 58% of the population of Ipswich are thick because they voted to leave? There is no mandate for any Brexit settlement? We had a vote and the people said Leave! Democracy demands the people have a final say? They want a public vote and to campaign for remain and support the revoking of article 50 if necessary to prevent no-deal? Such is their contempt for the people of Ipswich. The outcome of another referendum will be the same as the last one and Ipswich Labour’s contempt for democracy and the people of Ipswich will still make Ipswich Labour a political abhorrence.

Capitalism is transnational? Of course. We need transnational institutions and workers movements to challenge it we will build cross-border allowed to transform Europe with socialist of progressive policy starting with a green new deal and leveling up of wages and rights? If the EU is needed to protect workers, then what exactly is the point of Ipswich Labour’s trade union masters? So basically they support being in the EU and being complicit in the screwing over of farmers and producers in Africa and India. They won’t go and talk to the those people who are being affected by the EU’s protectionist policies in Africa and India. That is the ones who haven’t committed suicide after going bust because of the way the EU has been treating them. Ipswich Labour are not interested in their plight. Some internationalists they are!

On Ipswich Labour’s contemptuous motion, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Ipswich, Tom Hunt said,

Pretty astonished by the Ipswich Labour motion to Labour Party conference. Please read. It states that “there is no mandate for any Brexit settlement”, it also states that the Brexit vote is part of a “right wing nationalist exploitation” it goes on to link all those who voted leave with the far right. This motion shows how Ipswich Labour hold those who voted leave in Ipswich with complete disdain. Leave voters are either clueless and were exploited by the far right or they are far right themselves according to Ipswich Labour. I have watched over the past year Ipswich Labour’s position on Brexit become more and more distant from the people who I speak to everyday across the Town. Whether people voted leave or remain they should be treated with the upmost respect. We all live in a democracy and it’s perfectly possible for two reasonable and decent people looking at the same facts to come to different conclusions about what needs to be done

Tom Hunt
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