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The Illiberal Autocrats are undoubtedly the most extremist party in British Politics. There contempt of liberalism and democracy can not be matched. They are mammonocratic socialists, who are determined to destroy liberalism and democracy. They are a minority like the Bolsheviks and the Nazi’s were but want to unleash their illiberal autocratic dogma on our country, destroying our constitution, our heritage, our culture and our democracy.

They are deranged by the extreme ideology of EUphilia for as adherents to the feudalistic dogma, they automatically suffer from Brexit Anxiety Disorder and Brexit Derangement Syndrome. They are totalitarians, they are autocrats, they are haters of democracy. In short, they have become fascists. They want people to vote for them so they can abolish democracy. It’s amazing how Comander Swinson under the orders of Comandant Vorhoffstadt can talk against democracy and traditional liberalism without finding the name of their Euro-nationalist, neocon, autocratic, mammonocracy ironic. It’s very Orwellian . They are the bourgeois, elitist left. They believe that only their lousy opinions matter and therefore the opinions of everybody else should be ignored. There is a strong sense of born to rule privilege amongst them.

They are primarily that section of the middle aged, middle class who are incredibly boring and clearly had a rather boring youth. Their youth was so boring in fact, that they think that wearing a tee-shirt or sitting on a bus with the word ‘bollocks’ on it is avant-garde rather than pathetically childish as the rest of us think it is. They also believe themselves to be the artistic ones but as it took them two years to come up with a bit of alliteration, their muse is obviously a bit slow.

Locally, according to their website, the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems seemed to have done nothing but be on the Cornhill with their Brexitometer being totally ignored on Saturdays since World Toilet Day. When they’re on the Cornhill being ignored is the only time they ever venture outside the Grande Duchy of Lockingtonshire, because they consider everywhere else to be a bit to rough for them to dare to venture.

In Suffolk Coastal the Suffolk EU Alliance East Suffolk Lib Dems also don’t like to venture to places they consider a bit rough. They’d like to be able to get to parts of the constituency in a challenger tank, but that would be illegal and doesn’t go with the nice image that was utterly destroyed by the national conference, so they go around in a gas guzzling 4×4 instead. As a matter of fact, when Woodbridge Town council voted through their motion of climate emergency, their parliamentary candidate, Jules EUwart parked outside the Shire Hall in her gas guzzler, stayed for the motion to be passed and then drove off in her gas guzzler back to Kelsale. The irony wasn’t lost on all who observed it.

The Suffolk EU Alliance East Suffolk Lib Dems parliamentary candidate also likes insulting Conservative Party activists and she seems to manage to insult the right ones. For instance, she said to me “You are the most ignorant, stupid person I’ve ever met. You’re an absolute, filthy disgrace.” Now, the last thing I said to her was on Twitter. It was “Congratulations on being selected as the Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Suffolk Coastal. I am looking forward to campaigning against you.” Her response? She blocked me. Interestingly the Lib Dem County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge, Caroline Page has also blocked me on Twitter recently after losing to many debates with me about the need for an Ipswich Northern Bypass. Another Conservative Jules EUwart has managed to insult is Sam Murray who she called a little girl who has lots to learn. Sam Murray’s awesome response appeared on Facebook yesterday.

Neither Samantha or myself are unknown for our prowess when it comes to political campaigning. So Julia is insulting the right people. We would have campaigned hard anyway, but now we’re looking forward to it.

Jules EUwart has managed to insult two of the Conservatives hardest working activists  around here and if I was her and her fellow Lib Dems I would be battoning the hatches now. Maybe this explains the Twitter blocking approach.

Also the The Suffolk EU Alliance East Suffolk Lib Dems have been holding ‘meet the Lib Dems’ events and they’ve been going really well. For instance, on Friday in Leiston, their parliamentary candidate spent two hours sitting in a room on her own.

While being there alone, Jules EUwart made a video of herself outside, hoping for people to go to the event from Saxmundham. The one and only Golden Shoes asked her if anyone attended the event, which lead to a rather strange reply.

What the hell was that about?

Why would anyone want to attend a Lib Dem event anyway? You can’t talk about health education, transport, the need for more funding from central government across the public sector in Suffolk or the need for improved flood defences. They’re a Totalitarian, anti democracy, one issue party.

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4 Responses to Lib Dem Focus

  1. Loubylou says:

    I read your blog for the first time today Kevin. I’m not a political activist but having worked 9 years out in the EU in Brussels I know a fair bit about what really goes on out there. I support the democratic vote and it should be respected. That’s my stance. I am shocked, appalled even that the Liberal Democrats have become illberal undemocrats, even though Jo Swimsuit has now clearly changed her mind about her rather vocal, “We need a referendum on the EU” some years back. It has now (after some word tweeking) become, “we refute the outcome of the EU referendum” or was it, “we revoke the outcome of the EU referendum”. Mais non, alas, it is now “we revoke article 50” or something like this (delete as appropriate). As for the Labour Party, well Jeremy Corbynista is still pondering the “shall I, shan’t I” debate. His derriere is well and truly stuck on the fence. As a i Saxmundhamer I had pondered about going to one of Mrs Ewart’s drop in coffee mornings, you know the one for strollers and prams and dog walkers at 9am onwards that most people cannot make. I however, could, but then I didn’t want to feel like a Sax gooseberry or look like I was part of the ‘Billy no mates’ strollers club.You know strollers all alone might attract the security police and we wouldn’t want any bother would we now? I may well decide to go to one, but it seems now as if I would need to take the strollers ‘security police’ with me because there are known ‘trolls’ who ask such derogatory, invasive questions like, “Did anyone bother to show up?” . I mean, that one takes the biscuit. A scuff mark has appeared on Golden Shoes for that one. Shady character.

    How professional of Mrs Ewart to respond to Mr Golden shoes comment in this way. Trolling and commentating are quite different, opposing things. One I believe is even a crime of abuse? If you enter politics then it is healthy to debate. Mrs Ewart’s team have been to my house where I filled them in on what goes on in the EU and I explained why I wouldn’t be supporting them. Most of them have probably never been to Brussels. Furthermore, in a recent flyer left at my place it says “welcome to drop in and have a coffee/chat to share concerns and ask questions, regards Jules”. This democratic approach clearly does not apply to Mr Golden Shoe Shine. His comments are considered to be abusive ‘trolling’. Mrs Ewart goes on to say that two, not one trolls might be present since the ‘security police’ approached her and asked her. Moreover, if Golden balls dares to ask a straight forward question again, he will be ‘TC’ and that people will be very upset to hear about it. Now this gave me some excitement on Saturday night where I spent the evening trying to work out all possible options as to what this might constitute. The only thing I could come up with that made sense was “taken care of” or “Totalled Crickmay”. However, the latter is impossible since the ‘Security Police” were there, weren’t they? I can personally vouch that Golden shoe shine was in fact, sparkling the pavements of Woodbridge and nowhere near Leiston.

    I have personally never heard of the Security Police. Is this some Lib Dem security adviser? or group of vigilante members who patrol the streets of Quaker House or corners of Leiston and beyond looking for footprints of Golden Dust? How does Mrs Ewart intend to ‘take care’ of shiny chaussures d’or? I don’t think she was offering a coffee and a bourbon creme biscuit?

    Perhaps Mrs Ewart ought to read the Lib Dem code of conduct before she opens her mouth writing
    thinly veiled threats of employing her ‘security police’ to TC golden shoes. Her text I found shocking, unprofessional and rather nasty in nature and abusive to a simple question. He has now been publicly called as a ‘troll’ for doing so, has been told if he does it again he will be TC (assuming this to be taken care of) which some people would say is a clear threat. Maybe as a disabled person I won’t bother going to her drop by and be intimidated in that way. Perhaps HQ need to be informed that she has breached the parliamentary candidate code of conduct as well as insulted our beloved “pieds d’or”. The whole message had shady undertones, was rather poor in taste and I for one do not want a character like that representing me in Parliament. Rant over.

  2. deepngreen says:

    Regardless of your political differences with Lib-Dems, or anyone else, it is never helpful (or even funny) to portray ordinary politicians as Nazis. The only exception might be extreme far-right nationalists who would want to bring about a one-party totalitarian nation state by any available means including violence and intimidation – the Lib-Dems don’t fall anywhere near that category. The Lib-Dems might support an unaccountable European Super-State but that’s not the same as a dictatorship. They also want to decriminalise cannabis and reform our antiquated voting system which are not policies you would associate with fascists.

  3. Loobylou says:

    Just for the record deep n green, In our town, some Liberal Democrats have publicly been overheard telling locals that “we are the police”. Others have been told they have security police present to check they are ‘safe’. They were told on a public facebook page they would be “TC” (assumed to be Taken care of of-see photo above). If that isnt a thinly veiled threat, I don’t know what is. People have been told in the town they have been “black listed”. In another town they also name called a disabled person as “Don’t talk to him he is unstable” and other comments of a similar nature because he has had some mental health issues. Im disgusted. The people reporting this are all educated professionals. I decided I would wait to make my own mind up. When I saw that post I made up my mind. Likewise, yesterday I was told by another local held in high esteem, that the same person has in front of them, been extremely nasty to jo public in the street, presumably someone who did not agree with them and that they too were stunned. Is this acceptable behaviour of Lib Dem current or prospective parliamentary candidates? Please don’t sit there telling us in a condescending way that the Lib Dems are not using underhand tactics because I can tell you in this town and around they are and we can back it up with evidence. Whenever something is said we are all invited for coffee. As a vulnerable person, I have decided not to go. I cannot attend a coffee with any person who claims to have security police or tells locals they are the police and intimidates anyone who dares not to agree with their opinion.
    I am neither an activist nor someone who has been involved in politics and as a newcomer to that area I am shocked that they walk about the town intimidating people with those kind of threatening comments. So yes, Im afraid they have behaved in an unacceptable way here. I do not think they are far right wing either. They claim to be your average Lib Dem? So Im sorry you are incorrect because here in this town at least, this is not the general impression we have, based on their behaviour!!!!

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