Jeremy Corbyn made me a Zionist

Gideon Bull, who’s quit as Labour’s candidate in Clacton for allegedly calling a Jewish Councillor “Shylock,” once faced a complaint which claimed he said his constituents wouldn’t give up their homes for minority groups using derogatory language which I personally shall not use. Though I will publish the letter of complaint he was sent.

What kind of selection process does Labour have. Did the anti semetic remark clinch the candidacy for him?

On LBC a Jewish caller broke into tears as she told Shelagh Fogarty that she is scared of Jeremy Corbyn being Prime Minister. Sophie called in in tears, saying she’s scared of what’s happening in this country. You can hear the call here.

People are scared, they’re not making it up. People shouldn’t be scared in their own country that they’ve always been proud to call home. When people who have lived in my country for generations and have never thought about living anywhere else are seriously considering leaving my country out of fear, I have to take their side. Corbyn has caused people to fear. To Corbyn’s lot they’re Jews to me they are my fellow Brits.

John Bercow says that Labour have a big issue. More here

They are so sneaky the Looney left. They say Bankers when they mean Jewish Bankers, they say Zionists to cover up what they really mean. It’s all about Zionist Jewish bankers and Elvis riding Shergar.

I fear we are going to be fighting in the streets to protect Jewish friends. I know that sounds dramatic, but the sheer weight of hate coming out of Labour, if they win, history is going to repeat itself. It’s absolutely terrifying. How are us decent people going to get our Jewish friends to safety?

God bless Israel.

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