Ipswich Residents have a taste of a Corbyn Government.

Over thirty homes in Ipswich today had a taste of a Corbyn government when they lost power for an hour. Some people around my age said that it took them back to their childhood when under the kind of government Jeremy Corbyn wants to bring in lead to regular power cuts. Apparently it was caused by a blown fuse at a substation. Such occurrences would be more likely under Corbyn after nationalisation of the power companies followed by lack of funding, the fuses will become ten years out of date. Couple it with the unions being in control of the power network, it will be back to the 1970’s with regular power cuts and life will be as crap as the Nolan Sisters and the garish looking wallpaper there was back then.

Under Corbyn the complete loss of electric won’t start happening immediately, but nationwide connection to the internet being cut off frequently will happen very quickly with his plans to nationalise broadband.

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1 Response to Ipswich Residents have a taste of a Corbyn Government.

  1. Patricia Freeman says:

    The ONLY benefit of no elecricity in Ipswich is that the traffic lights would not work and the traffic would flow freely. The Crown Street lights were out a day or so ago in the morning, and there were NO queues at all. It was a delight. But it’s a small price to pay to have traffic lights working and to keep that Marxist out of Downing Street. Vote Tom Hunt !

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