Ipswich Labour’s Fox Hunting Lie

Funded by the EU

Today the comrades of Ipswich Labour have demonstrated how desperate they are by having a gimmic about fox hunting. It is well known that Ipswich Labour never let the truth get in the way of a good story but we never expected them to so blatently go out of their way to mislead the public. Clearly because Alexander is so unpopular in Ipswich they feel the need to deflect from the fact that Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate supports tax payers funding bull fighting in Spain.

Liars in Ipswich Today

The likes of Sandy Martin preach to us about being better in the EU but they stay quiet when we highlight it funds Spanish Bullfighting. Then they have the audacity to pull a stunt like they did today.

Page 43 of the Conservative Party Manifesto says in plain English, completely unvarnished to the point where it can not be misunderstood or interpreted in any way to mean the opposite,

Concerning animal welfare, here is page 54 of the Conservative Party Manifesto.

Ipswich Labour’s candidate wants us to continue funding macabre entertainment involving immense animal cruelty in Spain.

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