Fake News From Ipswich Labour

Ipswich Labour’s campaign is in absolute chaos to the point that in their desperation they are using hyperbole, half truth’s and outright lies. For instance Ipswich Labour have referred to Ipswich Conservatives as hard right. Ipswich Conservative activist Joshua Owens responded brilliantly.

Ipswich Labour have also insinuated that Tom wants to bring back fox hunting. I responded with,

Sandy Martin wants to stop Brexit. Fox hunting is to remain banned under a Conservative government as page 43 of their manifesto clearly states. https://assets-global.website-files.com/…/5dda924905da5…

All typical , nasty vicious campaigning by Ipswich Labour agent and Carrot Road season ticket holder John Cook. But the biggest lie has come from prominent Labour councillor Alasdair Ross on Twitter. As pointed out by Conservative Party activist Sam Murray,

The truth can be found here.

Hence some forthright replies.

At this Alasdair decided to backtrack and risked being tarred and feathered because he replied to a Conservative activist’s tweet whom Ipswich Labour are under strict orders not to reply to.

What lies will they be coming out with tomorrow?

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