Top Twenty Politicians of 2019

The list of the top 100 right wing people of the year has been produced here. Strangly people like Rory the fake Tory and that most odious one have made the cut. Annoyingly, I’ve failed to make the cut yet again. So obviously, a better list needs to be produced of people on the right. Therefore, RSV is producing a better list of politicians of the year.

Naturally there is only one clear winner for first place. As always, it is Her Majesty the Queen. As she has always done, she has reigned over this great nation impeccably and as always has been a beacon of consistency. Long may she reign over us.

Second place is obviously taken by Boris Johnson. He has gone from being a back bencher to a national treasure who defeated the biggest threat to national security since world war two, is getting Brexit done and taking the nation forward in the tradition of Benjamin Disraeli.

Third place is Dominic Raab. He is the de facto deputy PM and he successfully held on to his seat by seeing off the challenge of the Yellow Peril.

Fourth place is Priti Patel. She is now home secretary and is being tough on crime much to the horror of the wishy washy left.

Fifth place is Therese Coffey who is now work and pensions secretary and is doing good work there. She is also a very hard working local MP. She is also high on this list because she is my MP and I’m bias.

Sixth place is Tom Hunt MP. Tom was a fabulous candidate for my home town of Ipswich and got rid of the most useless MP Ipswich has ever had. The first thing he did as an MP was vote to get Brexit done. Ipswich is looking up again at last.

Seventh place is Matt Hancock who is a very good health secretary. He’s had to deal with all the lies from Labour in regard to the NHS. Also, his constituency is in Suffolk and I’m bias.

Eighth place is Sajid Javid who is showing himself to be a competant Chancellor of the Exchequer.

In ninth place is Esther McVey MP because any mention of her sends the left into a frenzy of revilement.

In tenth place is attorney general, Geoffrey Cox because his speech against the Staylnist zombies was awesome.

Eleventh place is Michael Gove who gave a brilliant speech on why Jeremy Hasbyn should never be prime minister.

In 12th place is David Giles whose input in regard to the campaign on social media was so valuable.

In 13th place is Ipswich Borough Councillor, Ian Fisher. His leadership of the Conservative group on Ipswich Borough Council has lead the useless administration to be held to account. Ian was also brilliant on Twitter exposing all the lies Ipswich Labour were telling during the campaign.

In 14th place is Jacob Rees Mogg. Jacob is a constitutional expert and was a good choice to challenge Bercow. He is also in 14th place because Conservative activist Sam Murray wouldn’t want to be higher than him and she isn’t one to argue with.

In 15th place is Sam Murray because of her excellent work campaigning for the Conservative Party in Suffolk Coastal, South Suffolk, North Ipswich, Lisburn and other parts of Northern Ireland. She was also brilliant on Twitter exposing all the lies Ipswich Labour were telling during the campaign. She also experienced lots of abuse off the rancid left.

In 16th place is James Cleverly. James is proving to be a good party chairman.

In 17th place is Frank Webster whose knowledge of what was taking place in the north of England during the campaign when shared was most enjoyable. It was really good seeing the constituencies he mentioned turning blue. It was also good because the famous Great Sage of Chatham insisted we were talking bollocks.

In 18th place is Theresa May. Theresa is still serving the people of Maidenhead brilliantly and is supporting the Prime Minister. She also helped Boris get his fantastic victory and would have got it herself if she hadn’t have employed such crap speech writers.

In 19th place is Andrea Leadsom who stood up to the constitution wrecker, Bercow.

Who can go in twentieth place? Maybe I should give it to a blogger or something.

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