Ipswich Labour’s Contempt For Ipswich’s County Township

At yesterdays full council meeting in Ipswich A question was asked by Conservative Councillor Eddy Phillips asking if a celebration could take place involving the lowering of the EU flag from the town hall. The question was responded with downhearted groans and the reply was “No we won’t be celebrating.” As a suplimentary question Conservative councillor, Eddy Phillips asked if they would replace the EU flag with the Suffolk flag. By their response the Labour administration’s contempt for the borough’s county township was revealed yet again. The response was incredulous. “Oh no, we won’t do that!” followed by a lot of squit about executive and national guidelines. The Suffolk Flag was registered with the Flag Institute on 9 October 2017 as the Flag Institute confirms on its website here. This means it can be legally flown from civic buildings.

After the total dismissal of the county town of Suffolk flying the county flag, it was explained that they plan to have a plain flag or ones for special occasions but the Suffolk flag would not be flown. It sounds like they’ll fly a white flag of surrender. As for special occasions, it’s not like Ipswich Town are going to win anything in the near future, so what special occasions would they mean?

The contempt that lousy Labour administration has for Ipswich’s county township is an utter disgrace. Can you imagine the council of somewhere in Yorkshire not wanting to replace the EU Flag with the White Rose? Can you imagine Chelmsford City Council not wanting to fly the Three Swords? Yet here in Suffolk the lousy Labour Council of our county town don’t want to fly the Crown and Arrows. The Morning Ipswich Star has headlines like Why Do Suffolk People Dislike Ipswich. as if Ipswich isn’t even in Suffolk and the rest of Suffolk is often accused of sneering at Ipswich but that lousy council to not be wanting to fly our county flag and being incredulous about the idea is them sneering at the rest of Suffolk. Do they want the County Council to move their offices to Bury Saint Edmunds or Lowestoft or somewhere? The County Council offices are in Ipswich because it is the county town. But Ipswich Labour do not take the borough’s county township seriously and act as if they are ashamed of it. Well, shame on them!

More here.

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