Clive Lewis’ suggestion could be bad for Norfolk

Labour leadership contender and MP for Norwich South, Clive Lewis wants a referendum on the monarchy. This suggestion could be very popular amongst Labour’s ever shrinking core vote in North London but is going to be unpopular elsewhere. To the country as a whole the suggestion is completely wrong in a number of ways. For a start, the Labour Party offering us a referendum on something is an absolute joke considering that they went out of their way to not honour the result of the last referendum we had. Secondly, the majority of British people are monarchists. Maybe he is saying this to demonstrate that he wants to continue the Corbyn mission of sending the Labour Party to the dustbin of history.

Clive Lewis is a Norfolk MP and wants to put the tourist revenue from Sandringham at risk. By this we are able to ascertain that he is a useless idiot.

Norwich Labour are having an all members meeting tonight in Saint Marks Church Hall. The speaker is Paul Mason, whose speech is titled “General Election analysis and the way forward” Well Norfolk losing tourist income isn’t the way forward for Norfolk, so what is Clive’s constituency party’s view on his outrageous idea?

Do Norwich Labour disagree with Clive or are they not interested in what is good for Norfolk like Ipswich Labour are not interested in what is good for Suffolk? We can only presume the latter.

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2 Responses to Clive Lewis’ suggestion could be bad for Norfolk

  1. lou says:

    lets have another referendum Clive, then lets sit on the fence about whether you want to honour it or not…

    • Paula says:

      Based on how Labour are they will push for a second referendum if the vote does not go there way anyway. He is just trying to get support from the hard left as he dared to give Corbyn less than ten out of ten for his amazing performance in the December election.

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