Suffolk Remoaner News


On the 14th of January the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance had their AGM at Woodbridge Library. Apart from the obvious tears, we don’t know what actually happened at their AGM and more to the point, we don’t care. They were going to have a meeting in the Woodbridge Cherry Tree on the 28th of January, but apparently they’ve decided not to hold it. I don’t know why. It’s not like anyone was planning to go there and gloat or anything. They’ve decided to have a smaller meeting at Woodbridge Library on the 30th. They are planning on where their campaign goes after that most beautiful thing occurs.

On the night of the 31st of January, the day when that most beautiful thing called Brexit occurs Ipswich for the most vocal minority a People’s Vote are holding a candle lit vigil on the Cornhill. They are going there with  tea light candles and small jam jars. At 10.45pm, just in time for people who have been celebrating Brexit to start coming out of Mannings well oiled, they will light the candles and put them on the Town Hall steps for 11pm and then stand silently together as that most beautiful moment passes. After this, when they are ready, they will pick up a candle each and take it home as (in their words) a little beacon of light and hope. Some people would say they are beyond hope, but never mind. There will be no speeches or music, flags or banners, just people gathering together to indulge in irrational, corporate misery.

Of that time so fondly cherished!
Silently their wounds they’ll feed,
And with wailing evermore.

Sorrow over EU now perished,
They won’t appreciate Goethe no more.

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1 Response to Suffolk Remoaner News

  1. Paula says:

    These reamonors are a pathetic waste of space. Liberty comes through freedom as an independent state. They are as deluded as the labour party front bench are as to why they lost.

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