Woodbridge Boundary Changes

Here the Yellow Peril County Councillor for Ipswich Road Woodbridge has blogged about proposed boundary changes. She says that she thinks that it would seem sensible for parts of Melton like the Melton side of Pytches Road, (which she has spelt Pyches Rd) the Woodbridge Primary school, developments like Bury Hill and Saxon Way, and all of Bredfield Rd to be included in the Woodbridge county boundary.  This is interesting because last year on Twitter (before she blocked me) she told me that because I live in Melton Woodbridge is none of my business. I responded by telling her that if Woodbridge is nothing to do with us, then Woodbridge Town Council can stop asking us for our CIL money. But now she is proposing a County Councillor for Woodbridge representing part of Melton. She says that it thinks of itself as Woodbridge. Well all us Meltonians think of ourselves as Woodbridge to a point. One of the reasons being, we would rather our mail didn’t end up in Leicestershire. There’s also people who live in that part of Melton who will insist that they are in Melton. She says that people who live there use Woodbridge shops and services. Does she think that people in the rest of Melton use Framlingham shops and services instead? The real logic behind her proposal is because there’s a few Lib Dem voters live around there.

It would be impractical for Melton Parish Council to have to deal with two County Councillors. At Woodbridge Town Council meetings there would by one County Councillor give a County councillors report and at Melton Parish Council meetings there would be two county councillors giving county councillor reports. Woodbridge is the main town which is why it has two district councillors and Melton only has one. So the idea of Melton having two County Councillors is ridiculous.

So what would be a sensible boundary change? The sensible proposal is for a new division to include Woodbridge and villages to the west of the A12 in Carlford.

The idea of dividing Melton is likely to kick up a stink and I can see Mark Murphy bringing it up on Radio Suffolk and our Brian’s views being interesting.

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