Suffolk Coastal Labour Invite Fake News Peddling Anti-Semite

Following on from inviting anti semite David Miller last year as I reported on here, Suffolk Coastal Labour have another anti-semitic speaker on Saturday 28th of March.

Suffolk Coastal Labour are having Kerry-Anne Mendoza as a speaker, she is the founder and an editor of infamous fake news website, the Canary. The Canary is is the ultimate fake news site as I blogged about here. where I also exposed how poorly researched the bullshit written there is. It is so well known for it’s fake news, when an article of fake news is posted in a political group on Facebook, the comment “Canary rules apply” is used to declare that it fake news. Fake news website, the Canary was investigated for Anti-Semitism and spreading fake news and also blamed “political Zionists” after it was forced to downsize due to nobody wanting to waste time reading the crap

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