Suffolk Be-Leaver News


At the time of writing there is only five more sleeps until that most beautiful thing that is Brexit. We understand that Weatherspoons across the country are going to be busy with Be-Leavers across this great land celebrating the return of our freedom. A lot of the swashbuckling Brexiteers of Suffolk are going to be heading down to London for the national celebrations but there are still events planned across East Anglia. This evening Brexiteers had a get together in Bury Saint Edmund’s as is their custom on the last Sunday of the month.

On Brexit day, in Cambridgeshire, Be-Leavers in Cambridge are having celebratory drinks at the Brew House. Also, there are lots of events north of the river’s Waveney and Little Ouse. In Kings Lynn, Be-Leavers are celebrating at the Globe from 8:00 PM. Meanwhile Be-Leavers in Norwich are celebrating at the Bell Hotel. Norwich Be-Leavers are also having a couple of meetings in February. Also in Ipswich is a celebration being organised by Ipswich Conservatives. Naturally the Brexit Party isn’t organising anything because all the decent people who can organise things have defected to the Conservative Party.

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