Ipswich Labour Inflict Yet Another Council Tax Rise on Ipswich Residents

Ipswich Labour are like every Labour council. Their main objective is to turn the place into a run down ruinous mess to encourage people to vote for them so they can callously keep it that way while blaming the Conservatives. This is why Ipswich Labour think that Ipswich people paying twice as much as their neighbours so they have hardly any expendable income is a good thing. Also, by the tone of the article quoting Ipswich Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere in today’s East Fabian Anglian Daily Times, Ipswich Labour are angry with the people of Ipswich for voting Conservative at the end of last year and are intent on punishing the people of Ipswich for getting rid of a useless nonentity who had contempt for them

Ellesmere is blaming ‘government cuts’ for Ipswich Labour’s spite. The real reason is they enjoy kicking people when they’re down. A Band B property shall go up by £65.38 to help Ipswich Labour’s policy of economic decline by lowering the amount of expendable income people have. On top of this, David Ellesmere is threatening to make cuts over the next four years. So as always with Labour, you pay more for less.

Also in today’s article David Ellesmere says that Ipswich Borough Council is investing in more electric vehicles. Absolute crap! They’ve just bought a load of diesel busses that makes the air in the area around Tower Ramparts Bus Station repugnant with diesel fumes and they’ve also just brought a load of diesel refuse trucks that chuck out their fumes all over the borough.

Ipswich Labour are so callous and cruel. They’ve brought lots of new diesel vehicles so that air quality is down and they rob the people with their extortionate council tax that they keep rising. They are intent on worsening the quality of life of people they have the audacity to claim to care about.

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2 Responses to Ipswich Labour Inflict Yet Another Council Tax Rise on Ipswich Residents

  1. Julie says:

    It’s terrible how they cause the poor to be poorer while blaming others. Ipswich Labour are so horrible.

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