Rebecca Lans-Bailey

In Rebecca Lans-Bailey is the Continuity Corbyn Candidate. She is backed by Momentum who sent out an Email that was an attempt to make Labour members feel sorry for her revealing how incompetent she was as a shadow minister. Obviously competence isn’t important, what is important is obedience to Lansman, McCluskey and the Cult of Corbyn. She gave the Magic Grandpa 10 out of 10, Len McCluskey said that the plastic messiah’s policies were very popular indicating that he avoids conversations with Unite members at all costs. They all believe that during the election campaign they won the argument. Wrong-Daily has talked of a progressive patriotism which amounts to being unpatriotic because you can’t talk of the nation going forward together while preaching divisive class war. She also has spoken of them becoming sales people for socialism. How do you sell socialism? Let’s look at it’s features and benefits. The main feature of socialism is it has no benefits. Of course the Cult of Corbyn is a religion and faith does not necessarily go with logic, so non sequiturs are not a problem to the true believers of the rotten ideology socialism.

Nevertheless, as Corbynism is a cult, there is no room for other beliefs which has caused many of the Corbynite faithful to be most alarmed by the fact that Rebecca Long Bailey is a Roman Catholic. Shock horror! She shares beliefs with Jacob Rees Mogg and Jacob Rees Mogg is a Tory. Shock horror! To the Cult of Corbyn agreeing with a Tory is a grave act of apostasy. Some have managed to square the circle but other’s like Ipswich Barmy Bolshevik Blogger, Andrew Coates who referred to former Ipswich Political Blogger, James Spencer as Ipswich Catholic Ultra and wrote a blog post about Lord Deben as an attack on Ben Gummer citing ‘the sins of the father’ demonstrating his limited understanding of Augustinian theology and also insinuated that Therese Coffey became the candidate for Suffolk Coastal due to some sort of Roman Catholic conspiracy, are clearly concerned.

Lisa Nandy said that the Labour Party needs to change or it will die and they would deserve it. Let’s hope it dies and a stake is driven through its heart so it doesn’t stand in elections like a Zombie.

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