Teach Ipswich Labour a Lesson in Democracy in May

Redcar, a place like Ipswich, that is going to get lots of investment due to getting rid of a rubbish MP, has had the Imperial Crown of Stars of the EU Empire that we are now free from, replaced with the White Rose of Yorkshire on it’s council buildings. As I said here a council in Yorkshire not wanting to replace the vile ring of stars with the White Rose is unimaginable and clearly the council in Redcar want to fly it. You can read more about it here.

Meanwhile in the County Town of Suffolk, the Soviet Republic of Ipswich, that lousy Labour council down there doesn’t want to fly the Crown and Arrows from the Town Hall. Maybe some of them are ashamed of the town’s great heritage due to coming from obscure places in Lincolnshire. But it is more likely to be the contempt Ipswich Labour have for Ipswich people. Ipswich Labour consider us Ipswich people to be uneducated, thick and stupid. They consider us to be ignorant Neanderthals and Ipswich Labour love the EU. Hence the Westgate Waffler posted this on Twitter.

Then there is Dame Bryony’s Twitter Profile picture, which is clearly a message of “Fuck you” to the majority of Ipswich people. Why doesn’t she just turn the gold, red so that it looks more like Ipswich Labour want this country to be. A Republic of the new USSR.

Ipswich Labour also put forward an anti Brexit thing at their conference which I published here.

There is only one way the people of Ipswich can respond to all this. Vote Conservative in May.

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