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Since 2010 the Lib Dems got hammered in a referendum, got destroyed in the 2015 election, lost another referendum and have been destroyed in two more elections but mystriously they still have no idea how dispised their abhorrant views are. As they have no idea that their views are so detested, they never think why that is the case. It’s because underneath that facade of niceness they are utterly vile holding disgusting oppinions.

Like everyone else who suffers from the Remoaner Virus the Yellow Peril are very annoyed by this brilliant One Nation Conservative Government’s excellent immigration policy. The reason they don’t like it is because it will lead to a shortage of low skilled immigrants for them to exploit.

Here’s a tweet by a former Lib Dem MEP

That tweet shows the abhorrance of the views of the Lib Dems. This is why they fought so hard to keep us in the New Holy Roman Empire. They want to get slaves from the same place the Romans got them. That is why the Romans called it Slavia. Yes, the Lib Dems are that regressive. They’d have Eastern Europeans knee deep in shit down the sewers on fifty pence a day if they could. There’s no way round it. They think it’s OK to pay people less than the minimum wage in order to maintain their own lifestyles. They are so obnoxious and selfish. They pretend to be caring, Liberal people but they are far from it.

In March is the Lib Dem Spring Conference you can see the agenda here. It doesn’t seem as bonkers as Lib Dem conference agenda’s tend to be, but there’s still some items of amusement. They want to bring in the use of Single Transferable Vote as the voting system for all Parliamentary elections and English local elections. If you remember we had a referendum on changing our electoral system in 2011. 67.9% of the British electorate told the Lib Dems to get stuffed. Only five constituencies in the entire country voted for AV. The AV referendum told us how many people in the country agree with the Lib Dems and it was revealed that it wasn’t very many. But they live in a bubble so they think there’s lots of them. There’s also a motion requiring Lib Dem HQ and all conference venues (Federal and Regional) to have at least one gender-neutral toilet. But due to the fact that underneath it all they’re racists, they may end up fretting about who will clean it.

According to the Suffolk EU Alliance East Suffolk Lib Dem website, after the 2019 elections, they’re skint and are asking for money to fund the PCC election and next years County Council election when they lose Woodbridge. As if the cost of their lavish lifestyles going up because of the end of cheap labour to exploit wasn’t enough for them to worry about.

We have been informed that former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, Jules EUwart is claiming she can stop the potential closure of Walton Surgery in Felixstowe and that Felixstownians have absolutely no idea why she’s meddling as she has absolutely no political influence. It’s not like it’ll get any votes. Walton is staunchly Labour and there’s to many proper Suffolk people in Felixstowe. Proper Suffolk people aren’t dozy enough to vote Lib Dem. Hence, outside Southwold and Woodbridge the yellow peril are nowhere to be seen. We don’t know if Jules has mentioned her lost love that is the EU and told any dockers they don’t know anything about trade yet but she is probably daft enough to do so and if she did it would make her as popular in Felixstowe as she is in Saxmundham.

On the Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dem website is an article accusing Ipswich Conservative MP, Tom Hunt of being divisive that insinuates that he is racist. It is a disingenuous article by Oliver Holmes, who once fell asleep at the wheel on the A12 because he was so drunk. Story here. Oliver Holmes is trying to associate Tom with the racist stickers that appeared in Ipswich recently. Of course, when it comes to racism, as was revealed earlier in this post, the mud sticks to the Lib Dems better.

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