The Disfunctional East Suffolk Planning Committee South

Our Planning Committee (East Suffolk Planning Committee South) must be one of the most untrusted and dispised planning committee’s in the country. Also, at times the logic behind their decisions is on the sosh. For instance the logic behind giving planning permission for the Tattoo parlour in Cumberland Street, Woodbridge was that the district council aims to achieve healthy and inclusive communities through promotion of social interaction, including opportunities for meetings between people who might otherwise not come into contact with each other. Quite how they came to the conclusion that a tatoo parlour would achieve such objectives is anyone’s guess.

Then of course, their is the continued Cheese Wedge Saga. The last time they gave the abhorrance planning permision a councillor was most concerned about dustbin collection and another rabbited on about architecture through the ages much to the disdain of members of the public present. Also, they seem to be like cats keeping their own patches clean while leaving their mess in everyone elses. Another councillor voted for it but voted against a modern design in his own district and when confronted after the meeting said “It’s just one of those things”. Also, the chairman who supported the monstrosity previously and was against a building project in her home patch of Kesgrave threatened members of public who voiced their opposition with expulsion.

Another thing residents complain about is the fact that the planning committee tends to do what the planning officers tell them to do. Unfortunately, across the country planning committee members abrogating their responsibility as councillors to make decisions is very common. But that said, it has to be questioned if the East Suffolk Planning Committee South is fit for purpose.

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