Ipswich Labour’s Climate Emergency Policies

At the last full council meeting in Ipswich, Conservative Councillor for Bixley Ward, Richard Pope asked Bridge Ward Councillor for Labour Phil Smart about the borough bringing in anarobic digestion to dispose of food waste. Councillor Smart siad that the borough would do it when the time is right. In response Councillor Pope asked when will the time be right as the council has declared a climate emergency. Councillor Smart’s answer was a non answer including a bit about food being chucked out while still in its packaging.

After this Conservative Councillor for Castle Hill Ward, Erion Xhaferaj asked about the reopening of the Whitehouse Park and Ride. Ipswich Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere gave a rather long winded answer. In response Councillor Xhaferaj asked a question saying that it would help improve air quality in the town. Councillor Ellesemere then decided to pass the buck saying that it was the responsibilty of the County Council.

After this there was an environmental question by a member of the public in regard to the Borough Council’s ownership of the bed of the River Orwell to Westgate Ward Councillor for Labour, Carole Jones. In response, Councillor Jones waffled as she tends to do. She talked a lot about websites and neighbouring authorities. She also somewhat passed the buck by saying that there needed to be a government funded programme.

Concerning climate change and the environment, Councillor Jones was asked “What is your vision?” Councillor Jones responded by saying that she couldn’t talk for an hour about her vision and that she’d email the member of the public or meet up for a chat.

So what is their vision? Well going by the answers to questions, it can be ascertained that when it comes to carbon reduction and improving the environment, like in everything else, Ipswich Labour haven’t got a vision and declaring the climate emergency was merely a virtue signalling exercise.

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