Operation 25 is now on

After the very successful Operation Three Quid of 2015, Operation 25 is now on. The ballots have hit the doorsteps to be filled in to bring about the extinction of the Labour Party. It’s obvious that all the candidates are excellent and after Corbyn took it off the side of a cliff, all are likely to take it swimming into the ocean until it runs out of energy and drowns. But obviously we want to get the best value for money.

The ballot is a preferential ballot so you can rank them based on their likelyhood to bring about the most spectacular destruction of the Labour Party.

The best order of voting is as follows:
Rebecca Wrong-Daily – 1
Lisa Nandy – 2

For Deputy
Angela Reynor – 1
Rosena Allin-Khan – 2
Ian Murray – 3

Hopefully first preferences will bring about the Wrong-Daily/Reynor dream team. These are the people who I believe have the best chance of destroying the Labour Party once and for all and carry the party on the road of glorious defeat after glorious defeat and confine it to the dustbin of history.

Who you vote for in the NEC election won’t matter if you have such disfunctional leadership of the party.

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