Guest Post by Comrade Blimp.

Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

We must avoid doing anything Tories do because Tories are evil. For a start we must boycott Yorkshire Tea because Rishi Sunak drinks it.

If he’s endorsed it, it must be avoided. Walkers Crisps, they now should be boycotted along with Pringles, because Jacob Rees Mogg eats them.

Even though the wonderful EU supporter, Gary Liniker once supported Walkers Crisps they must be avoided. There again, watching Football must also be avoided.

During a campaign in the 1980’s, the Thatcher creature ate some fish and chips so we mustn’t eat them!

We must also, most certainly refuse to have blue passports. Im looking into my family tree to see if I can get an Irish passport.

To avoid contamination we must avoid anything the Tories eat, drink or Endorse and I mean everything. If you don’t you’re a fascist.

Boycott all they support to bring about a socialist utopia.

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