The History of the Labour Party

The Labour Party were formed 120 years ago today. In 1945 it won an election victory. Two years later, we had devaluation of the pound and in 1949 there was another financial crisis. They were voted out of office in 1951 and then came 13 glorious years of economic growth, low inflation and a stable economy. Unemployment was the lowest on record in July 1955 at 210,000 and the economy in 1959 was described as the strongest in decades.
October 1964 they won power. November 1967 the pound was devalued. We had a load of strikes towards the late 1960’s. Britain was described as the sick man of Europe and the English disease talked about. We were a laughing stock.
March 1974 they won power by a very small majority. Two years later there was the IMF debacle, where we had to be bailed out, inflation was 27% and in 1978-79 there was the winter of discontent with the dead unburied, rubbish piled sky high and Rats the size of cats were running all over the nations capital. Cancer patients were turned away from strike bound hospitals. Beer and sandwiches were at number ten. Strikes blacked parliament out and the Television. You weren’t allowed to take more than £50 out of the country.
After they won power again, after the fastest period of economic growth in our nation’s history and we became a respected world power and no longer the sick man of Europe, they took us to war with Iraq based on lies, flooded our country with immigrants and left office with a severe recession once again.
The conclusions are simple. You can never trust Labour with the nations finances.

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