The Ipswich Labour Star

The Morning Ipswich Labour Star is owned by Archant which is a Pro EU, Labour supporting environmentalist campaign organisation based up the road in Mustard City. Their main publication is an extremely nasty, divisive left wing rag called the New European When Ipswich Labour send press releases to the Morning Ipswich Labour Star, they quiclly get to work on writing a bias article in support of Ipswich Labour, yet when Ipswich Conservatives send them press releases they ignore them.

Over the last couple of weeks the Morning Ipswich Labour Star’s bias towards Labour has been obvious.

They wrote an article which doesn’t seem to be there anymore about the former minister of waste of space Alexander, being awarded as the best MP in the East of England by It was written in such a way it made Sandy sound like he was bothered about his constituents but clearly he wasn’t bothered and spent his time responding to stupid petitions about such things as how ducks that are sold in the Co-op are treated. (the co-op doesn’t sell duck) rather than dealing with things of concern to his constituents.

The Morning Ipswich Labour Star along with identical publication sister paper, the East Fabian Anglian Daily Times tend not to report on things outside Ipswich hence their readership beyond Ipswich is virtually nonexistent due to people in places like Fram and Hadleigh not being interested in reading about a dog pissing up a lampost in Tacket Street. But yesterday they decided to do an article concerning the third crossing in Lowestoft. It is a somewhat shoddy piece that blames Brexit and attacks the brilliant Dominic Cummings. Here. The title is “Is coronavirus and Brexit holding up third crossing at Lowestoft?” No, but the EU did wreck the town’s fishing industry.

Now today is another article pushing their left wing agenda. It is titled “It’s time to see fuel duty go up to get us off the roads – or switch to cleaner cars” where Paul Geater declares war on the motorcar. He claims that Rishi Sunak won’t have the courage to raise fuel duty. So basically the Morning Ipswich Labour Star wants to hammer cab companies , bus companies, houliers, farmers and gardeners like my self by whacking up the price of petrol. Because of the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming they want to damage the British economy. But we know what the environmentalist movement really is. Of course they want to wreck the economy because their battle isn’t against the destruction of the planet but is in fact against capitalism. The article mentions the Ipswich Traffic Task Force to make out it is about a local issue when it is clearly not.

Also today, the Morning Ipswich Labour Star has an article to do with the left wing fettish that is the NHS. The title is “Hospital needs £200k minimum in two years for new children’s ward” but though the story is about Ipswich hospital it has a picture of Ipswich Labour leader, David Ellesmere urging people to sign a petition about children’s centres. So the Morning Ipswich Labour Star has gone out of its way to confuse the electorate just like Ipswich Labour does in its leaflets.

Such is the bias of the Morning Ipswich Labour Star.

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2 Responses to The Ipswich Labour Star

  1. Dave Roberts says:

    Archant are pretty dire across the country. Their two east London titles simply recycle Labour handouts.

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