The Racist Left

It appears that the racist left have got tired of attacking the Jewish community and have decided to attack the Indian comunity instead. A few weeks ago there was a racist article in the Guardian by Neha Shah. You can read it here. I shall not be quoting from it because I do not want to give voice to racists. But it has had some excellent responses.

Conservative activist Banti Kyberman responded with this,

What a loathsome article! Never have I ever read something as stupid and I might add, divisive and frankly, quite racist.

To be fair, Neha Shah gets some facts right, but then she goes on to use those facts as a scaffolding to build a stupid ‘us-versus-them’ narrative, effectively saying, who do those uppity Indians think they are?

Indians are now officially the new White people. Anything you say about them is acceptable and unchallengeable.

I did warn you. Again and again.

Concernin Brexit, Banti wrote this blog post in February. Also there is tere is an excellent article by Dr Rakib Ehsan on Brexit here.

He says,

A relatively affluent, non-white-majority ward in the west London borough of Hounslow, it returned a Leave vote of 63.4%. Defying the wider national trend, non-white ethnicity was associated with voting Leave in the two multi-ethnic west London boroughs of Hounslow and Ealing.

A number of jurisdictions with large South Asian populations also delivered Leave votes, including Luton (56.5%), Hillingdon (56.4%), Slough (54.3%) and Bradford (54.2%). All have South Asian populations of 25% and above. It is fair to assume that these figures relied on healthy support for Brexit among voters of South Asian origin.

Dr Rakib Ehsan has also written an article about the disgusting Guardian article.

He says,

There are a multitude of drivers behind the growing number of British Indians shifting towards the Conservatives.

British Indians are now the second-highest earning ethnic group in the UK (just below British workers of Chinese origin). Compared to other non-white ethnicities, levels of female economic activity are higher among British Indians, with fertility rates being lower. This means there is a relatively high proportion of two-income households with lower numbers of children — which in turn reduces the need to be dependent on forms of social welfare.

Being well-integrated in both a socio-economic and social sense, British Indians are more likely to identify more strongly with their British identity than their faith, when compared to other non-white groups — such as British people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin. It is also worth noting that British Indians were also the most pro-Brexit non-white group. Osterley and Spring Grove in Hounslow — an affluent west London ward with a high Indian-origin presence — delivered a Leave vote of 63 per cent.

While Shah suggests that anti-Muslim prejudice is driving Conservative support among British Muslims, she decides to completely ignore the possibility that Labour’s — specifically Jeremy Corbyn’s — fraternisation with Islamist organisations may have put off a number of British voters of all faiths and ethnicities.

Now the racist left have decided to single out our next prime minister for abuse. They are using the end of a civil servants carreer of incompetence to accuse her of bullying. Sir Phillip Rutnam as his friends don’t call him was over at the department of transport where he resided over the West Coast rail fiasco costing the country more than £50 million in 2013. As a reward for his utter incomptence he was moved to the home office to carry on his incompetent career. As the most senior civil servant in the Home Office, Sir Philip, who was knighted in 2018, presided over the department during the Windrush scandal. He handled the whole thing so badly that even the Guardian has attacked him here.

When Theresa May finally, belatedly, apologised in April 2018 for the Windrush scandal, Rutnam had been in his post as permanent secretary to the Home Office for a year. He was the most senior civil servant in a department that had been extremely slow to react to the emerging evidence that thousands of people who were living entirely legally in the UK had been wrongly classified by his own department as illegal immigrants, with catastrophic consequences. Many lost their jobs and were subsequently told they were ineligible for unemployment benefits, some were made homeless, others were denied life-saving NHS treatment, and some were detained in immigration removal centres, or sent back to distant countries they had left as children half a century earlier. Some died in Home Office-enforced exile. These were policies that truly created fear and required bravery to call out.

He was also in position when the data on grooming gangs being wirthled from the brilliant Pritti Patel

Here Huffpost reports,

“It appears civil servants in the Home Office believe if they ignore requests into grooming gang data for long enough, ministers will just move on to a different topic. 

“I think they might be shocked by the persistence of Priti Patel on this issue.

“The reason we need offender profiles is to allow the police to disrupt and prevent grooming gangs. We have this data on other forms of child abuse, why not this?”

In light of all this, his resignation over being asked “Why are you all so fucking useless?” seems somewhat over the top. In his statement he said that he was offered a settlement. So he was offered a financial settlement and refused to take it. The civil service is the only place where you could promoted for incompetence rather than sacked.

But the racist left are not concerned about any of this. What concerns the racist bigots of the left is an Indian lady is a Tory and can’t be patronised by Labour for being brown.

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