Herd Immunity from the Herd Community (Saxmundham)

Herd Immunity from the Herd Community: Stay calm and be people of leisure! Delivery of food supplies, groceries and magazines to Mill Rise & around

Hello neighbours in Mill Rise and around,

In these times of rationing, hard times and us having to isolate so that Herd Immunity can take place against this virus for the masses, we are the ones having to make real sacrifices. I thought I’d try to be a good samaritan and organise some local shops to deliver to Mill Rise and around, as there are many of us unable to get out. I’ve spoken to some local suppliers and organised a delivery every Friday (free of charge) by our wonderful local shops.

I’m sure those of you who survived two World Wars are not too worried about this virus! Given the Health authorities are advising for us to isolate for 3/4 months and this may change to everyone eventually going on lockdown, I’ve made a head start. There is no Vera Lynn though!….I’m sure you could tell a few stories about Wartime….

All deliveries will be on a Friday (no 1 bakery do other days on request).

You telephone your order through to the shop before Friday. Give them your name & address.

All telephone numbers are below

Please pay the delivery person directly in cash (fishmongers can also take card payment over the phone)

If you need to order more or less, or, amend your order simply call the shop.

If you have any problems you can knock on my door no 44 mill rise. I will put a mask and gloves on and disinfect myself before speaking with you.


I have spoken to all shop owners and have asked them to ensure that they knock on your door and put the groceries down as there shouldnt be any physical/hand contact. I have asked them to disinfect themselves, wear gloves or masks where they can to ensure your safety as the virus is highly transmissible. Im sure many of you having survived two World Wars arent too worried but the virus is quite contagious.

As the virus lives on money notes you should wash your hands carefully for 20 seconds with anti bacterial soap or hand gel before and after your deliveries.

It is best to have someone put the money in an envelope to minimise transmission.

These times remind me of my grandmother’s stories of lard sandwiches, rationing, the land girls, all swallowed down with a cup of Yorkshire tea & a bit of Yorkshire grit!!! Stay safe! Louise

Benhall Farm Shop: Vegetable boxes including eggs and fruit

(a mixture of onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, or other fresh seasonal vegetables eg, courgettes, kale etc) ,fruit and a box of 6 eggs. Rhubarb, raspberries and strawberries may also be available. Bags of potatoes for £6 but can be split into 2 or 3 bags to share with neighbours (they will split the bags for you). £5 for small box, £10 for large box. Other boxes can be arranged. Pay cash on delivery. Telephone Katy 01728 605793


Maximus Sustainable fisheries, Friday Street

Chris will deliver to Mill Rise on his way home on a Friday or other day.

Place your order over the phone and leave your address. Leave a phone message if no one answers the phone.You can pay cash or you can pay by bank card over the phone. Telephone 01728 605578 or 07980000284

No 1 Bakery have agreed to deliver fresh bread, sausage rolls, pasties, soup, cakes, sandwiches, hot & cold drinks, crisps to those who cannot get out. Delivery will be a Friday or other day. Pay cash on delivery. Telephone 01728 602517

McCalls Newsagents

Will deliver on a Friday after 11am/early afternoon.

Magazines, newspapers, crisps, chocolate bars, sweets, milk, biscuits, drinks, cigarettes. McCalls will bring a selection of items in their mobile shop.

Telephone 01728 602517

K.Stannards Butcher

Kevin will prepare your meat. He cannot deliver but Karen from no 1 bakery has offered to deliver the meat together with an order from the bakery. Louise has a list of people who can collect and deliver for free. Call Louise on 01728 602233 if you cannot get it delivered. Cash only. Telephone 01728 602081

Crisps Stationers

Crisps can deliver newspapers, sudoku books, puzzles, cards, games, paper, stationary, cards, kids sticker books, paint by numbers for those with children.So long as they are able to.

Tel 01728 602026

Fishmongers. Darren Smith Fishmongers, Saxmundham

Darren can deliver fresh fish to you on a Wednesday morning only. Cash only.

Telephone 07815 891963.

Pet Food & supplies Hugo and Jacqs, Saxmundham

Have dried food, toys and equipment. Some limited tins of wet food available.

Will deliver, Cash only. Tel:01728 633005

Other Services

Dog walking service

Molly has kindly volunteered to dog walk anyone’s canine. Please call Louise on 01728 602233 and I will give you her number. She has references and a DBS check. Louise also has a DBS check.

Debs Bound is offering free dog walks for those isolated/unwell and unable to get out

during non-peak hours. DBS checked & fully insured.

Telephone 07769 277791

Friendly chit chat & some company

Are you feeling isolated and alone and are missing the company of people?

Dan and Louise have offered to chat with you on the phone. Please call Louise on 01728 602233 or email on icespiration@gmail.com if you have a computer/are online. Skype conversations/video chat over the Internet are also possible.

We are looking for more volunteers around Saxmundham. If you have a service you can offer for free please help your community and please remember that we are self isolating so that the beds are kept free for the healthier and younger amongst us.

Please do not feel alone during these difficult moments. There are many of us in the community in the same boat. Summer is coming soon and it will be a bit easier when the weather is better….if anyone wants to sit out in the sun at a distance from one another fro a chat thats also possible when the weather gets better.

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